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Marek Novotný
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Marek Novotný This whole album is so touching and emotional, amazing work ! Favorite track: A Distance.
katwilkz thumbnail
katwilkz such a beautiful ep, am excited to hear some new stuff!! keep it up !! :) Favorite track: Chloe.
p0t_punk thumbnail
p0t_punk I have been a fan of trophy eyes for well over a year now and their music is unique to any other band in the scene. I was so happy to see John had a side project and that excitement grew after listening to the first track and realising its really emo...... like.... its SO sad.
This is definitely a very emotional EP thats been written with alot of memories and perhaps pain behind it, and it has been produced & mastered amazingly. Cant wait to hear your new content this year John! Favorite track: A Distance.
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Terrace is a collection of short stories about how I see myself through the eyes of someone I hold dearly in my heart and the faint line between being selfish and loving someone so much that you can no longer be with them. An honest young woman changed my life, and these songs are written in gratitude, and a recent self-awareness of how.

Thank you for making me so happy for so long.

I dedicate this to my best friend.


released November 19, 2014

Recorded/Mixed by Fletcher Matthews at The Brain Recording Studios, Sydney
Mastered by Shane Edwards at Karma Sound Studios, Thailand



all rights reserved


Little Brother Newcastle, Australia

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Track Name: Pathetic
My neighbours left their dog at home,
The last time they went away.
I guess they had their friends come ‘round,
And feed him through the day.
But I still hear him crying,
And complaining of the pain.
So I put my head over the fence,
To see if he was ok.
I spoke to him and said,
We’re the same you and me.
But he gave me a look as if to say,
I’m just lonely,
I’m not scared.
Track Name: A Distance
I’ve held my breath,
For twenty fucking years.
And hesitation brought me here.
It makes it harder to believe,
That I’ll see you again.
I’m so scared of growing up,
I still act like I’m fifteen years old.
Too early to give up,
But too old to come home.
I found myself at a distance,
Empty Highways and freezing train carriages.
I never thought I’d see myself like this,
Starving to death in this fucking city apartment.

Well I’m twenty one,
And so alone.

Well this distance it gave me an option,
In the form of a shiny red apple.
In it’s dark red skin,
I saw my reflection,
But I couldn’t take it,
I sunk my teeth in.

I watch your tail lights fade over this stale town.
Your arm still waving from your window,
I can barley make it out.
It’ll be a cold and quiet month,
To spend alone in my head.
But when you finally return,
We’ll be stronger for this.

I keep a tiny coloured print of you and I,
The one that we took,
At our friends engagement.
Sometimes I catch myself just swimming in your smile,
And the crease over your eyes,
If I try,
I remember what they look like.

I keep a tiny coloured print of you and I,
Folded and creased like a bill,
In the paper compartment of my wallet,
A worthy home,
For something that comes,
And goes.
Oh, I know now why I’ve never felt at home,
I’m happy and healthy in my head,
But I’ve never felt so alone,
I spend my days counting the lines along the road,
They disappear right under me,
Like all the places that I’ve been,
Just thinking of you.
Track Name: Chloe
Chloe I miss you every day.
And I’m starting to hate the sound of trains.
‘Cause when they show up,
They’ll be taking me far away.
And I’m sick of telling myself I’m doing the right thing.
Please tell me I’m doing the right thing.

‘Cause I can fuck this up,
If you let me,
Yeah I will fuck this up,
You need to tell me.

I know when I come home to you,
I’m never really there.
Home is something,
I’ll never understand.
And the road takes up a part of me,
I’ll never learn to share.
I fell the distance,
Grow further every year.
We knew we couldn’t make it from the start,
And if it wasn’t for my mistakes it wouldn’t be so hard.
Please tell me,
You’ll be there when I get home,
‘Cause if you’re not there,
Everything I love is gone.

We’ve come so far,
But I really made a mess of us,
But seeing you on the platform makes it worth,
Another month.
And I’m so sorry for making you fall in love with me.
I’m not everything you wanted, but you’re everything I need.
Track Name: Elephant
I’ve tried and I’ve tried,
But I never forget a thing.
Every wrinkle on every face,
Will die with me.
I remember the song that played through our first kiss.
You were drunk ‘When You Were Young’,
In the kitchen at your friends.
I remember when you called,
A liar and a fake.
Enjoy the rest of your life and forget my name.
I’ll never tell you what that did to me,
You couldn’t live with it yourself,
With all your sensitivities.
Track Name: Moving Day
I know that you’re not ok,
But I’ve been doing my best to help,
And at the same time I’ve been desperately trying,
To reinvent myself.
Are you thinking like I am,
And does it keep you awake at night?
How you could use a real man,
I bet you’re sick of little boys.

I’m getting sick of saying words,
And you always see things for the worst.
I’m getting tired of watching your eyes glaze over,
When I try to explain myself.
‘Cause any less will just never do,
When you need someone like I need you.
I’ll make you miss everything we had,
If you can see past my attention span.

I can never stay in the same place,
‘Cause I’m afraid of being known.
And I’ve got so much left to tell you,
But there’s so much that you’ll never know.
And I keep pushing you away,
And I know one day that you’ll go.
Leave me with the emptiness that I made,
And I’ll die waiting by the phone.
And if I make it out of my room,
I’ll look for you.

I hear you picked a moving day,
And I picked the wrong day for cold feet.
I tried this once before,
And it took everything I had from me.
Against better judgement I’d start again,
And find someone that I could call a friend.
The only person that I know,
Who loves me,
That doesn’t have to.

Fuck it let’s get married and we’ll run away together,
We’ll have tiny little jobs,
And a city apartment,
And I’ll never have to say goodbye again.
As long as the city Summer breeze,
Blows through those white curtains.